The Value

Do you have a broken or warped ladder? Perhaps an old drill that doesn’t work? How about an old kayak that leaks? There’s someone out there that will use it.  We’ll take it, fix it, and give you a tax deductible receipt for your donation. Your old saw will go to a carpenter who can't afford a new one. That kayak will be given to an underprivileged child who may be on the U.S. Olympic team someday.
Making use of something worth nothing
It doesn't matter where it came from, everything has value to someone. We accept "perished" food from stores, excess from restaurants, broken, unsafe, obsolete equipment.  We provide an expedient way to discard of items. Where does it go next? To good use. We’ll give you a tax deduction for your donation and the peace of mind in knowing your donation is going to a worthy cause.

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